Newcastle close to signing Man City midfielder to replace Tonali

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Newcastle close to signing Man City midfielder to replace Tonali.

Newcastle are preparing to go full force to find a replacement for Sandro Tonali. Targeting Manchester City’s reserve midfielder Kalvin Phillips.

Newcastle United are in the news about Sandro Tonali, midfielder for the Italian national team. Don’t avoid being banne for a long time for gambling as expected. Make the market this winter, January 2024, will run at full capacity to find representatives. Targeted at Calvin Phillips, Manchester City ‘s reserve midfielder.

With Nicolo Fagioli, Juventus midfielder preparing to sentence to a seven-month ban for betting on illegal platforms. And an official punishment will be announced soon, Making the other two involve, Tonali and Aston Villa’s Nicolo Zaniolo, unlikely to escape at all.

In the Tonali report, it was also reveale that Had a bet on AC Milan’s game. When he himself was on the field playing with the Red and Black Devils. And was expecte Risk of being banned for a full year.

In this case, Eddie Howe, the manager of the Newcastle United Must jump into the football market again and want to do it urgently To be ready to perform in both the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Newcastle’s manager aims to reinforce Phillips, Manchester City’s permanent reserve midfielder, who he expects the Blues will be willing to release for a low price. When a player doesn’t have a starting position in Pep Guardiola’s team

The former Leeds United ace also revealed after England’s 3-1 win over Italy that he would have to seriously consider his future. If you still have to return to the permanent reserve with Manchester City before Euro 2024 arrives next summer. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet