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Steps disease prevention “Office Syndrome”

Steps of self-massage for disease prevention “Office Syndrome“ Thai traditional medicine reveals 13 steps of self-massage. To prevent Office Syndrome, especially those who work from home. The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine recommends 13 self-massage steps. Prevent and alleviate office syndrome (Office Syndrome), especially those.

Barcelona boss slams Tebas for lies.

Joan Laporta has accused Javier Tebas of being inferior as La Liga president and publicly lied about it. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has hit out at La Liga president Javier Tebas. Calling his duties impartial, biased and blatantly lying in the wake of the €7.5m

David Soria ignored Xavi’s pitch criticism.

Azulon goalkeeper David Soria ignored Xavi Hernandez’s criticism of the conditions of the Getafe pitch. After Barcelona only managed to break the points from 0-0. Getafe goalkeeper David Soria ignored Xavi Hernandez’s criticism after the Barcelona coach cited the poor quality of the Coliseum Alfonso