Joan Laporta countered that Madrid had long benefited from referees.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta has reacted to rival Real Madrid having benefited from referee decisions over the decades.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta held a press conference in response to allegations, particularly controversial rivals Real Madrid, who want to prosecute the Azul Grana team. He has accused the Whites of approaching and obstructing referees for decades. According to a report from Derio Sport on Monday.

‘Real Madrid wants to prosecute Barcelona with an unprecedented claim that is purely insulting. They have always been supported by referees to this day. We all know I hope this trial will reveal this.’ said the Barca president.

Laporta hit back at Real Madrid after Real Madrid decided to prosecute Barcelona about a month earlier as accusers in the Negreira scandal UFABET

The Barca president said that Real Madrid was a feudal team. That was close to its power in the past dating back to the dictator-era leader General Franco close to power over the past 7 decades. The executives on the refereeing committee are always club members or former Real Madrid board members.’

Laporta continued: ‘Real Madrid joined the campaign of hate. Even if they are the club that has always been victorious by referee decisions.’

‘I hope this ruling will reveal that. Real Madrid has been supported by the decisions of the referee over the years.’