Graham Potter has insisted he is proud of his players’ performance

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Brighton manager Graham Potter has insisted he is proud of his players’ performance against Manchester City. Even if in the end they lost 1-4

Brighton Boss said: “It’s an amazing form. So I’m proud of the players. Even having to play with a top team that is ready to win. But the players still give everything.”

“Of course it’s disappointing that we lost. We have to say that Manchester City are better, but our form is something to be proud of.”

“We conceded the goal too easily with the first goal. And it is difficult to meet competitors of this quality.”

“We made a couple of mistakes and got punished. But the players didn’t feel sorry for themselves at all. And until the 85th minute, they were great. We are exhausted. But we got a lot from this game.”

“Our confidence has not disappeared. I couldn’t be more proud of the team. It’s not easy to play against opponents like this.”

Graham Potter has insisted he is proud of his players’ performance

Is the fact that you have scored eight goals so far a cause for concern?

There’s always something you can improve and that’s the nature of football, sometimes you go through periods where you don’t score or you draw. The bigger picture is we’ve got 15 points from eight matches, we can improve and play better and we know that. That’s not to say that the points will follow as that’s the beauty of football. But we’re happy with the group, they’re in a good place but there’s a long way to go.

An important game for you last season and one where you turned a corner?

Not necessarily, when you look back at the season last year, we beat Liverpool, Manchester City, in the two years we’ve been here we’ve taken points off of Chelsea, we’ve beaten Arsenal and Tottenham, so we’ve got the potential and ambition. The key thing is to have the consistency to enable you to get results. That was a process of time, any result you get in the Premier League is hard-fought, we had a bit of luck because they had a man sent off after nine minutes. What we know is nothing changes the fact it’s an incredibly tough game and we have to be really good to get anything from it.