Tottenham Hotspur plan Condolences on the passing of Jimmy Greaves

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Tottenham Hotspur have a plan Condolences on the passing of legendary striker. Jimmy Greaves is Excellent record holder for the club.

Greaves died at home early Sunday. After many years of health problems He passed away at the age of 81, the same day as the Premier League game. 

The London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea Tottenham. They will pay their respects to Greaves with a minute of standing ovation. And players from both teams will also wear black mourning armbands. There will also be a large screen in the stadium to commemorate the great achievements of the past.

Tottenham Hotspur plan Condolences on the passing of Jimmy Greaves

By the legendary England national team striker. In addition to holding the record for Spurs’ all-time leading goalscorer with 266 goals in 381 games between 1961-1970. He was also a Chelsea striker during his youth career between 1957-1961, scoring 132 goals in 169 games until he moved on to AC Milan. There was a minute of standing ovation between West Ham United and Manchester United at the London Stadium. and wore a black armband in tribute to Greaves, who briefly played with the Hammers between 1970 and 1971.

Jimmy Greaves has died aged 81 

Greaves enjoyed a fruitful career not only in England, but in Europe too.

Having joined Chelsea aged 15, the striker went on to score 132 goals in 169 games at Stamford Bridge – including 41 goals in 40 league games in 1960-61 – before a move to AC Milan beckoned.

He scored 9 goals in 14 appearances for the Rossoneri, although a tempered relationship with boss Nereo Rocco meant that he moved back to England.

And it was the move back to England, or Spurs specifically, where he excelled – scoring 266 goals in 381 games at White Hart Lane.