Ander Herrera has praised Thomas Tuchel

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Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Ander Herrera has praised former boss Thomas Tuchel for leading Chelsea to a great performance. In particular, giving Antonio Rudiger and Marcos Alonso another chance.

         The duo have almost lost their future under Frank Lampard, but have returned to Tuchel as a key figure and have performed brilliantly, helping the team to the UEFA Champions League. The League came to dominate last season.

Ander Herrera has praised Thomas Tuchel

         Herrera, who worked with Tuchel during his time in charge of the famous French team, praised the work of the former boss. Especially to push Rudiger and Alonso back again.

Ander Herrera has praised Thomas Tuchel

         “I just think this is football, eight months ago we lost the final and he was famous,” Herrera told Marca. “That shows that the game is mysterious and that no other sport can surprise you as much.”

         “Chelsea had Frank Lampard and players like Rudiger and Marcos Alonso who were almost out of the way. Tuchel came in and they played and made a difference very much”

         “Football is unpredictable and there are always shocks. This won’t happen in basketball as an example. The same team always wins. That’s what I saw.” According to ufabet