Manchester United saw Julian Alvarez fly into Italy for talk 2 Milan.

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Manchester United are set to miss out on the potential signing of River Plate forward Julian Alvarez in January 2022. When the Argentine player’s agent enters Italy. Mark Milan to discuss with Inter and AC Milan as the first queue.

Julian Alvarez is on the lookout for European giants with 24 goals and 15 assists in 46 appearances last season. According to Tyze Sports .

Of course , the ‘ Red Devils ‘ are ready to join the fight UFABET. Because they have a release clause of only 17 million pounds ( about 20 million euros ). Hope to be the heir of Edinson Cavani who contract to a doctor in June 2022.

However, from the United States  progress has approach through players’ agents. But it see that the needs of both parties are too far apart. As a result the negotiating table place in the queue after.  

Now his representative travels to Macaroni first to discuss ‘ Nerazzurri ‘ and ‘ Gallo Rossi ‘ over the conditions for a future career mover. 

Next, he will come to England and come to London to discuss with United. Then fly into Spain to talk to representatives of Atletico Madrid .

Alvarez ‘s agent, Fernando Idayo, appears to be more supportive of the player visiting Italy because he was in charge of former Argentine spearman Hernan Crespo. Who plays with the two teams in Milan. courtyard