Chelsea prepare talk to British government to find a solution.

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Chelsea have announced they will talk to the British government to find a solution. After sanctions were imposed on Russian owner football Roman Abramovich. As a consequence of the events of Russia’s launch of attacks on Ukraine.

The British government decided to boycott Abramovich on Thursday. Because of an acquaintance with Vladimir Putin the President of Russia. Who have now order troops to invade Ukraine for several days.

Abramovich ordered to freeze his assets and prohibiting all types of financial transactions. While the plans to sell the club previously announced. It must be under the control of the government. And “Xia Mee” will not get a single pound UFABET after the sale of the club.

In addition, general fans will not be able to purchase tickets to the games at the stadium. Only football fans who already hold season tickets can attend. As the club will not be able to buy new players. Including extending contracts for players. 

The key word in the statement from Chelsea to the British government’s order was: “Today we will complete the men’s and women’s football matches against Norwich and West Ham respectively.”

“We then intend to discuss with the Government the scope of the permit. Including requesting that the license be amend to allow the club to operate as normal as possible.”