Manchester United looking way offload Sancho for the new year

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Manchester United looking for a way to offload Sancho for the new year.

Manchester United are looking to release Jadon Sancho from the team when the January winter transfer window opens.

British media reveals Manchester United teammates still want Jadon Sancho to apologize and apologize to boss Eric Ten Hag so he can return to the field and help the team. However, it is still reported that No matter what, Manchester United will definitely find a way to release from the team. When the winter market opens in January next year.

Sancho is having serious problems in his life. After opening his mouth in an interview to respond to the words of boss Eric Ten Hag. He was banned from the team. Haven’t involved in first team games for the past month.

The latest case also follows last season. When was cut from the team. And sent to practice abroad. When he returned to play, he didn’t produce any outstanding results, scoring a total of 7 goals throughout the season.

The ทางเข้า ufabet reports that some senior United players have told Sancho to change his mind and apologize directly to boss Ten Hag in order to get him back in the team.

However, the former Manchester City player refused to play for Ten Hag, leaving his chance to play again almost none.

As a result, the Red Devils will look to release from the team. When the January winter transfer window opens and are prepare to sell at a loss on the £73m buy-in price.