Barcelona boss slams Tebas for lies.

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Joan Laporta has accused Javier Tebas of being inferior as La Liga president and publicly lied about it. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has hit out at La Liga president Javier Tebas. Calling his duties impartial, biased and blatantly lying in the wake of the €7.5m payment. That Azul Grana faced to Enriquez Negreira. The former vice-president of the refereeing committee for insights and even match fixing. But Laporta has denied the allegations. According to a report from Deario Sport last Monday. 

Laporta stressed the importance of the La Liga president acting impartially and without prejudice. And stating that he had failed to perform his duties as the head of the organization. 

‘Javier Tebas has to remember that he represents La Liga, not himself. He blatantly lied with his words.’ Laporta retorted.

Rivalry between Tebas and Barcelona has grown in recent times with the La Liga president urging Laporta to speak publicly and questioning A’s crimes. Sulgrana He also played a key role in convincing UEFA to conduct its own investigation into Barca’s Negreira scandal UFABET

Laporta slams Tebas irresponsible And his public remarks have only hurt La Liga more. ‘I want to point out that Javier Tebas is irresponsible, unwise and openly irresponsible. I asked him to stop spreading his theories. to the point where he submitted false evidence His responsibility will only hurt La Liga.’